Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The "much needed" vacation

Finally, I grabbed time to update my blog after looooong vacation. Had a memorable trip down to Coastal karnataka. Watched the last sun set of last year followed by the sunrise on the first day of the year that made me spell bound(i still had the images reeling in front of my eyes).

A detailed report on the vacation will follow. But for the time being here are some pics I loved- made during the vacation.

"Makara Sankranti" is the time of the year where the farmers bring home their yield and rejoice with family. Here is the corn yield pile! Wish you all a happy sankranthi!

Here is a NATURE CANVAS I found at Bandipur at the day-break!!

I tried some B & W images off late and loved the feel in are couples of them..

One more... look at the "change of times" in this one!!

I sing off this post with one beautiful image. Here is the First sun of the year.. emerging from the clouds-clad hills near Agumbe. Wishing a great beginning in your life and a great year ahead!!