Friday, July 30, 2010

Car Quotes

Couple of days back, when the auto I am in stopped at a traffic signal, I noticed this car with all stickers over the rear glass. I read them and a had a good time. Thought of sharing with you all.

Spare the quality of the picture since it's clicked on iPhone.
Here are the quotes:

"Driver carries no cash

"My wife gives me sound advice
 99% sound and 1  advice"

"A man is not complete
until he is married
after that he is finished"

There are few more quotes which I could not manage to click

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Updates from Amrikka

Alright, it's been a week since I landed here so I thought I should update. Last one week has been super. Tried some new things in life and another 4 days before I fly back to India.

Thanks to the Summer here, from weather perspective, I don't feel like I was away from home except that the sun is little too harsher than it is in India. So one week flew by so fast! Today we have to say bye-bye to Bosie and fly to Portland and then drive to Corvallis.

One week at Boise has ben memorable, pleasant to tell the least. Finally I got a chance to meet the people with whom I have been working from the past 5 years! Feels so good. Friday adn saturday are more eventful and more on that in next posts. Let me now pack the stuff and fly to Corvallis.