Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday mania

No.. No...NO. I am not going to talk about Monday traffic of Bangalore, not about Monday blues of going to office. let me explain, every time this little absent minded brain of minegets serious and starts thinking about "what do I change in LIFE" or "what "improvements' can i do"... I always bank on Monday.

For instance,
"Go for jogging" (to self), (resolution:Ok let's start it on Monday)
Clean the house .. ok from monday
Start making a T2Do chart.. ok will start from monday
WORK in office in between mails, chat and blog .. ok will ONLY work in office and use Airtel connx at home to best, but from MONDAY..

Then comes the MONDAY gleaming with hopes and aspirations of starting so many new things... and eventually what happens....? Realization dawns on me- Monday is as good as any other day. I end up feeling - ..bloody I could have started it already and to add that when I look back, I had forgot all those START-ON-MONDAY things, since no records exist.

then what happens? Ok, a resolution will be passed into mind register to start noting things down and a resolution is made to buy a white marker board at home to bug mom, to write messages, to kick myself up , to feel good by STRIKING Off "things-to-do" and most importantly to REMEMBER THINGS by writing them on the board. But the White-marker board is waiting to reach home from past 2.5 years! Phew heights of procrastination...!

Another Monday is getting over, so let me stop choosing Mondays, since sundays are ending up as sleeping late, bird watchings, meeting friends, mondays always start late and lazy and no time to think about what to start on Monday... here goes another monday..

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Citizen de responsible

Yaaay... Finally..
..after 10 years of reaching the elgibility...
...for the first time in my life.

Hail BEL for the EVM's, that made life easy!!! I did it!! The early bird needed just 5 minutes to cast the vote. Whom did i vote for? shhhh... the one whoever wins in my constituency :P

I thought my application was reject-ed and I was deject-ed, but was elat-ed to find my name in the edit-ed electoral rolls, just few days before the much await-ed D-day!!Although, I haven't collected the much deabt-ed voter-id card, my passport help-ed and I cast-ed my vote! chandu... "citizen de responsible" .

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Perfect Evening

Chips, kurkure, soft drinks, friends, IPL, what else can you ask for?
Spent a lovely evening at friend's place watching IPL and gulping snacks n sprite..
Thanks PV and Aarthi for hosting us....

Closing this post with pics..

Aiming Higher..

Does this look like a bungee jumper..? Clicked @ Nandi Hills.

Perfect Symmetry

1Der Jack

Too Tender.. so a wonder

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Bro Go..

Like Brother, Like Brother

>>>>>> <<<<<<<

Crazy guys.. out on an adventure of a life time! 14 countries... mini engine... less heard countries... unseen landscapes... unheard languages... it's wild,dusty,risky,adventurous 5 week drive with a noble cause in mind. go bro go...

Can any of you help them get a sponsor!?(request on behalf of my brother).
They have a huge advertising space and bought a SUZUKI engine!!

**I am dreaming of joining the RICK rally by the same guys. Kaush, are you still "planning" like you were last year? We can try the 2010 slot?**

T 2 DO

Few things I would like should.. no no.. MUST do
- Hunt for new House.. tough ask in bengaluru
- Exercise.. ooh too much fab
- Stop Procrastination.. already started, see I updated my blog "NOW"
- Plan for the day.. hmm after the post
- Impress manager to secure a 10 day leave.. so shimbul-cyaarry shum byanana cheeps to offeez

- Start maintaining Birding notes.. (to self)lazy bum start practicing writing with pen
- Buy a new jacket before the heavens start pouring in bangalore.. spare the drenching for Agumbe trip!
- Organize the 1000's of snaps clicked till date.. aaah tiring task, whoz gonna buy my snapch?

- Dump the cover in the bin at the street end.. true it started smelling, time to give the street doggies some diet food?
- Go to office.. who invented office?? anyways manager is on leave today, who cares?
- Have breakfast.. ok mom i remember that! anyways mango juice @ juice corner in office will do. But hey wait isn't that the place where the density of gals in cafeteria is high * wink*
- Enough , go have bath.. yuck!! me smelling rotten fish, sweaty summer, love d winter!
- Keep updating the blog.. AMEN!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

tlank u uncul

deayl deyal GOD,
thlank you velly velly much. mommy iz byack ach home chmiling. i am tiled and lotch n lotch of wolk iz waitchin por me atch offich. But am hyappy pinally. i am cho glatepull tu you. thyank you por lichening tu my playel uncul.

I will giveyu 2 chocklatch next time. I will shale that hyaf-eatchen licked 5 stal. do you like to lick chocoltch wlappel? I have chum with me, half-half ok ok?? keep hyelpin me for chum more time, i have 3 mole chockyolatch wich me, eclaich ok?

luv yu uncull