Thursday, April 1, 2010

Google Pranks

Love google guys creativity and innovation!! April 1st is always google special
If you have missed this year prank's and hoaxes, then here is the link's_hoaxes#2010


I can't call them deadlines, rather some stupid estimations that one need to adhere to make sure someone is happy about the way things are going, no matter whether you struggle, run, chase, pause and do whatever. It happened again, yet another "schedule slippage" feather in my cap and my manager is all guns at me after this one.

Schedules are something that always troubles me. Especially when one has to THINK and implement rather just do a monotonous task. My woeful time management doesn't help the cause either making it even tougher to meet deadlines. With a colleague who put his paper, how does one make him inspire to do a job neat!? Poor chap, had a bad last day in office with all GITA teachings from what would be the ex-manager from the next day! On the other hand- lucky chap, had it done and gone. But, yours truly is going to count numbers to stay calm during the next 1-1 meeting with manager where magnifying glass will be extensively used to do a work-o-logical analysis resulting in nothing but de-moralising the soul!

So what happened next! yet another extended deadline that results in extended work hours, sleep late, wake up late, give up hobbies for a couple of weekends and finally "meet" and shake hands with deadlines. So here I am, working early in the morning trying to kick the deadlines a$$.