Monday, June 29, 2009

The maggi gal

Yesterday, i went to a grocery shop to buy something that mom asked me to fetch. As I parked my bike, I saw this 4-5 yr old girl standing with a maggi packet and negotiationg something with the shop keeper. As I waited to collect my order, I saw the shopkeeper explaining the gal that she doesn't have enough money to buy a milk packet.

Apparently the cute little maggi lover was sent by her mom to buy milk packets. She ended up buying a maggi packet first and kept on requesting the shop keeper "uncle, please give me milk packet.. phuleeez" and the shop keeper , a 50+ old person tried explaining her that she doesn't have enough money to buy a maggi packet+milk packet, all in vain. She refused to give the maggi packet back and was ready to take another biscuit packet. After little while she lost her cool and started demanding that she needs to go home and wants the milk packet. I was enjoying this episode of innocence and perseverance.

Once i finished my shopping, before moving I offered to pay for the maggi for the cute angel, but the shop keeper politely refused and told me that this is a ritual that happens frequently with this cutie and added that, if he offers her the maggi, her mother will be upset and he will be in trouble. I left the place laughing at the way she is hiding and refusing to handover the maggi. Another maggi lover... Tell me aren't you one of those maggi lovers! hmmm reminds me it's been long since I had maggi and the weather now is perfect for one!! mom are you listening...?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Biryani, Work, W/L, Tiring..

Those 4 words sums up the whirlwind official trip to Hyderabad which suddenly popped up from no where on the afternoon of Wednesday and ended on Sunday evening. Definitely hyderabad is catching up quickly with other cities. With the kind landscapes one can ogle at near Madhapur, with the kinds of roads that my friend kept praising.. many more. do read on..

A list of things that I would cherish from this trip ....- gup-chup aka the pani puri of Hyderabad, samosa's (unknowingly I tasted mutton samosa's), the shared auto's and the cheating auto-walas(although very few and way way way better than chennai and bangalore autowalas), the "newly-bought-cars" on the roads that my friend kept pointing out,the tasteful houses of Jubilee hills,the tension with the wait-listed train tickets, the absorbing last day at work that made the trip worth it.(officially)

On the other side, the visit to Blue cross society along with my cousin who took an year off from being a Techie and decided to work with the less cared creatures of the world. I had a chance to listen to his plans watching an overcast Hyderabad skies from the Blue cross office and couldn't resist appreciating him. Man!! one needs real passion and most importantly should "love" what he/she is doing and before that realize what he loves. I tell you,this chap did realize what he loves and is after that. Wish he will be successful one day! I had no doubts, especially after knowing that despite of his broken finances, he is happy deserting the techie tag and passionate about the work he is doing.

Despite of little time to roam around, these things made the trip memorable. So yours truly is now trying to negate the unavoidable sleep, all credit to the tiring train journey despite of 3 AC and typing this all. Hyderabad you are charming as ever!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wish I had 48 hours in a day!!

Here is my schedule for the next 2 days on my office outlook:

To top this all, mom is going to be back with me tomorrow. I need to pick her up from station and drop her off and most importantly clean the house!!! I have become lazy off late and things at home are not helping either. I need to clean up house and then rush to office and then pick up mom and again rush to office and attend all those meeting. The list does not include the impromptu meetings that are "expected"!

If weekend would be a relied, it does not looks any better. The weekend starts with unpacking, packing and shifting. long and tiring weekend. Wish Monday lands tomorrow and I will be done with all shifting, cleaning packing and unpacking! duh... life is at time too busy!How is yours?