Friday, August 27, 2010


Two days before trip: Tickets booked on tatkal, train

Day of journey....

5:30 pm : book cab stay relaxed
6:05 pm : double check cab confirmation calling customercare
6:20 pm: grinning at cab confirmation SMS 
6:30 pm : call cab driver smelled smtng fishy
6:40 pm: cab driver drama unfolded, oh no not again!
6:55 pm: frustrated yet again hearing bng auto driver demands

7:00 pm: ahh finally one honest guy, jump innnnn
7:15 pm: is this an auto or bullock cart!dhu
7:30 pm: traffic jam 

7:40 pm: preempt auto1 and get into auto2 agreeing to pay 1.5 
7:41 pm: autrocketious driving
7:50 pm: bigg traffic jam
8:05 pm: racing with cars and all set to reach destination early
8:15 pm : reached station, for a change I have to wait for the train

8:35 pm: why is the train not moved to platform 5
8:40 pm : for a change railways played a trick, the train arrives on Pf4
9:00 pm: already 10 mins late, will it start!!
9:10 pm: thank god finally we moved, Hyderabad here I come 

Whatz on menu??
Paradise CB
Haleem hmmm
Pullareddy sweets
Watch out for more updates!