Friday, May 29, 2009

Jst like dat

As I sit alone in office typing this jst like dat, the skies are overcast and it is all set to rain (probably it might have already started while I was typing this). Feeling lonely at home, I am ending up staying back in office and killing more time in office off late. Finally the good news is that I rented a new house to shift.

Now what lies ahead?? A great weekend, especially the packed Sunday! The 10k Run followed immediately by the NGC photography work shop(guess I need to continue my run and reach the British library), then need to collect new "rented" house keys and finalizing things with the house owner. I am tired of typing it, wonder if I feel same after doing all these. Life is becoming monotonous and the change of house and company of mom should make me feel better and let me start new things!!

Work has become more interesting off late or Should I confess that I started taking a little extra interest in office work? I am badly looking forward to the day when the shifting and arranging things at new home gets over! Hope mom loves the new place and finds it comfortable and good. Suddenly I felt, I realized(do you actually "realize" suddenly?) that I am stressed out. I am wishing to change lot of habits in life now. Exercise is right on the top of the list.

But, before all those, may be it's time to head to Agumbe and spend lovely time amidst the ever green forests doing nothing but enjoying the monsoon. That should make me feel lot better, besides meeting gowri shankar and witness the wonderful work they are doing. Of course how can I forget the charity work of donating few ounces of blood to the leeches.

Birding might take a back seat since monsoon is in, but boy oh boy I am hooked on to it. Exercise, birding study, time management, financial management... are a few to name off the list of things I would like to start very soon and I am waiting for life to be event full again!! Wish me success and offer your free suggestions and thanks if you are still reading this this as 'this'.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Finally got some time to explore the lyrics of this song....
Love the song and lyrics... should thank the person for the translation!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beat d heat..

What are you doing this summer to beat the heat??

Here is some cool thing to do this summer!!

If that was not enough, spend the evenings at a beautiful place with your loved one's

For the non-bangaloreans reading this, that's the lung space of bangalore named lalbagh

Well, house hunting is eating my free time and more on that in a detailed post.For now, wish me a good spotting (read house)