Saturday, June 26, 2010

Now... and Then...

A college passed out, with full of dreams and aspirations to make it big, somehow "managed' to pool funds , knocked the door to let in was instead shown the door, just because of some stupid unintended dishonest answers owed out of immaturity and nervousness.

An executive representing a company, with barely any expectations, want to fly per official work, sponsored by company, knocked the door to let in - was shown a red-carpet and admitted within no time with hardly any questions and without verifying any of the additional proofs!

Finally, after 8 days short of 8 years, the otherwise unfortunate "passport" has been "stamped" .
Gearing up for an official trip to US, sponsored by office for 10 days. So get ready to hear amrikka news
Guess what information I am searching for!!?.. of course birds of the area !
Time is just magical! it does heal, but hey wait for your turn!