Sunday, July 19, 2009

All paths leads to ONE

All prayers reaches the ONE, no matter who you are!

One of those photos where I personally do not worry about clarity/colors/exposure while posting. Clicked on my mobile in a hurry not to invade their privacy. While this unison works here, 200 kms away their brothers are fighting for wrong reasons! I love india for these moments and for the truth that we still live in unity despite of some fools trying to interpret religion in a wrong way !

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why.. What?

Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do/achieve?
What do I love most?
Why can't I change?
What makes me passionate?
Where am I destined to go?
Why can't I love my work?
Being instinctive or Being thoughtful- which is better?
Where exactly should you use heart and where should you use head?

Questions and more questions grilling my mind.
Few realizations:
I realized that my left brain is killing my right one at most of the times! (so says the neuro signals from my right brain)
I realized that I had been instinctive when I am supposed to be thoughtful and vice versa :)
I should stop taking words to heart, it's the job of head to analyze, filter and pass on!
Reaction won't help Respond makes things better!
I need to listen more although the fear of forgetting the thought/idea hurries me to interrupt!

Finally, I think time has come for things to change....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009


"If life was like driving on a road, I have been negotiating a ghat section from past 2 years.. too many U-turns! ":)

My business trip at office came from no where, got surprisingly approved despite of not so encouraging financial restrictions, was postponed, then just when I got my last document needed for visa submission and on the day when my application was supposed to reach the embassy, the news came that it's CALLED OFF! My passport has never been lucky ;) (Assumption: Travel abroad = have fun)

So re-planning and restructuring has been the order of the days.. no years! Someone rightly said, life is something that happens while you are busy planning! Of late, the success percentage of my plans went awfully bad or may be I became too imaginative., whateva! My poor manager wondering how to put the news across was surprised not to see any "oh god!, oh sh***, I am upset" kind of phrases from me, if only she knows that I am getting used to this bumpy ride and no more feeling nausea out of this travel!

Life is still a celebration, cousin's wedding this month end calls for a big fun time, monsoon trip is ON, survey in the Melagiri forests is a bonus! What an exciting monsoon time ahead! I pray it rains enough not to trouble the people by floods, but enough to supply enough water to survive the next summer. Hope your journey is pleasant! Enjoy the rains....

Monday, July 6, 2009

The world we live...

Irony, yesterday i wrote about food and today I received a link to this video.

The world is not the same everywhere and for everyone and I pity the one's living in their own little world thinking that life is just what they are experiencing and nothing much!