Sunday, January 10, 2010


Whatever you call it, a review or a re-view of the past year. here is it
  • An year that tested my patience levels to the maximum
  • An year where I had seen what stress can do to an individual
  • An year where I kept my hobbies in tact despite of the "situations" I am put in
  • An year that started off well, went to WORST, ended on positive note
  • An year that would have otherwise changed my whole life, with the kind of decisions I had taken this year!!!
  • At personal life level, I wish it won't get worse than this!!!

Ok , off the serious tone..

  • People pointed out at my protruding belly... need to work on that. (Instant Solution- Buy XL size and cover it up, exercising is tough..duh)
  • Job is boring, wish god changes my manager overnight!!
  • My office bus had boring people!!
  • God save this world from dumbos, I had seen enough of them this year.

Now, the resolutions for new year:

  • Exercise (without pain)
  • Exercise more.... & more.. & more
  • Explore North East at least this year, 2 years of failed promises looks ugly
  • The NGO work that has taken backseat last year has to be pursued actively
  • Birds are beautiful, study more, see more(no hidden meanings), learn and spread the joy
  • Blog more...
  • Re-look at your salary, it s**** a big time, do something about it!!
  • Look for prospective donors for a DSLR camera !!! (bhutan lottery, Sikkim lottery etc)
  • Read more (the lirbary membership fee is going waste)
  • Buy a bicycle (long time pending), cycle to office
  • Stop proscrastination (unlike what you did to this post)

that's it folks...

Hope this new year brings more happiness and joy in your lives and be a memorable one....