Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Notes from Central Assam

Things you would find in central Assam: 

1. Namghar (every village will have 1)
2. Green Paddy fields (acres and acres of green water-logged fields with a village here and there)
3. Fishing (you see people fishing all over the place, a must visit place for fish (alive/dead) lovers )
4. "Beel" (one don't know where a farm ends and beel starts and the migratory birds flying around)
5. Beautiful houses (loved them for the space, fences, sit-outs)
6. Bamboo forest patches (wonder what other birds/animals they support - foxes, civets, owls and yet-to-see-more)

7. Live stock (they are all over the place - on the roads, in the fields- duck, goat, hen, cows, pigs (few))
8. Cards and Caroms (life goes at a leisurely pace here for men.. sigh)
9. Bamboo and Jute (bamboo is lifeline, understanding jute manufacturing here)
10. Tata magic and Tata winger (tata sons raking good moolah, thanks to rarely seen ASTC bus, people standing hanging on the edge of the vehicles is normal)

11. Happy and adorable kids (of course they are everywhere, but here they do MANY things - fishing, swimming etc and did i tell you all their schools have disability friendly ramps, succha nice thing)
12. Tamulpan (everGREEN, huge business opportunity for lime paste !)
13. Bandh and protests (there is one bandh planned this week, not sure about frequency!)
14. Finally a Bangladeshi(s) (No offence meant, listing the realities period)

This note is to let my non-assam friends know that this place is as good and safe as any other place in India and leave your prejudices behind and travel. Experiencing assam like never before. It's going great

Disclaimer:These are just some random notes of observation from central assam. Some of these things might be little different in other parts of assam. . If anything is offensive, ignore them!