Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Home bound

With COVID issue and forced to hang around home, it's tough to supress the itch to step out and stay indoors. However, I started spending time in balcony birding, looking for insects and any interesting things. I must admit, I had some interesting things that popped up over the past one week.

Here is the first one at our window:

A may-fly, I noticed it for the first time.

Poor thing ended up as food for cobweb spider that lives near the window.

Turned out, the whole in the window is where the spider lives and escaped my wife's regular cleaning.

Look who turned up in the balcony:

The experts on iNaturalist identified it as a Woolly wall bee.

Next is an interesting fly that turned up at the wheat flour that my daughter left after playing.

He sat on the pile of 3-4 day old wheat that had fungus and probably laying eggs from what I understand from below video

Today morning, we also witnessed a spider pulling what looked like a sedated Pentatamidae bug. When we approached closer, I could smell the stinking smell from the bug which the bug must have been emitting as a last defense.

It's eventually pulled by the spider who made him as a "packaged food". Guess it too heard about the corona scared and stacking it's food!

With the first rains of summer/pre-monsoon turnin up, I am hoping to see more insects from balcony as I am itching to step out and explore more once the COVID issue is settled.

I hope our country together emerge much safer and I hope the medical staff be provided with all help needed at this hour. If any of you are reading this, stay indoors, stay safe. 

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